Chattanooga Wedding Photographer ; Huntsville Wedding Photographer

Welcome, I am so happy to have you here!

I'm the owner & lead photographer of Fane + Ro Photography - be sure to keep reading further down if you're curious about our name's origin! I am a lifestyle photographer, specializing in wedding & family photography.

I adore love stories & legacies! My favorite part of this job is watching couples fall in love, get married, and grow their families in front of my lens. I've always loved looking through old family photo albums & am captivated by the legacy photos leave behind. I'm passionate about creating timeless images that will be cherished & passed down for generations.

I consider myself based in the Tennessee Valley, serving East Tennessee, Northeast Alabama, and Northwest Georgia. I began this business in Chattanooga, Tennessee - where I lived for 3 years when first married - so I still do most of my work there. However, I now live in my hometown of Fort Payne, Alabama. Living in the tip-top corner of Alabama is proving to be the perfect spot to continue working in Chattanooga, but also extend my services to cities like Huntsville, Knoxville, Birmingham, and Atlanta!

Chattanooga Wedding Photographer ; Huntsville Wedding Photographer

I grew up very involved in the arts - I even went to a performing arts school from 1st-7th grade! I took every form of dance possible, joined theatre, painted as a hobby. So, naturally, I dreamt of being able to make a career out of one of my creative interests, but never thought it possible & instead pursued a career in nursing.

I have considered myself a hobbyist photographer since getting my first digital camera as a hand-me-down from my dad when I was around 8 years old. But in 2017, I bought my first "fancy" camera to use just to take photos of my family & truly fell in love with the art.

I started taking photos of anything & anyone I could! I told my sweet husband, Noah, how much I loved this & dreamed of changing careers. Thankfully, he told me to take a leap of faith, step out of my comfort zone, & just do it. If it was meant to be, it would be successful & God would provide! So in September of 2019, I opened for buisness & have been so blessed ever since!

When I'm not behind the camera, I spend as all my free time with friends & family! My little family consists of my husband, Noah (who often doubles as my second shooter!), our Doberman pup, Ruby, & our three cats, Borden, Olivia, & Remi. (Yes..we might be crazy cat people...)

I love to be outdoors, try new food, sip coffee, & creating genuine connections with new friends.

Let's get to know each other! I would love to meet you & capture your life in whatever season you're in! Hit the "let's chat" button to email me today!

What does Fane + Ro mean?

FANE - as a noun means temple or church, but is also a Greek name meaning crown. The word fane symbolizes so much to me. As Christians, we are chosen to be a part of God's royal family. Christ is crowned King of kings, Lord of lords, and His crown of thorns represents our adoption into His family by his sacrifice - His crown is our heritage.


RO - is a shortened term for the herb of remembrance, Rosemary. Photography quite literally embodies remembrance and leaves behind our legacy.

I know a lot of photographers who name their business after themselves - I did it too at first with Megan E. Pope Photography. I loved it because it's easy & tells people who you are right from the name! But as my business grew, I knew I would need to add associates to the team. I also knew there were other creative outlets I was interested in pursing under my brand. I wanted to shift to a name that embodied something bigger than just me.

When brainstorming for this rebrand, I jotted down a few things I wanted my brand to represent:

  • Heritage + legacy, because photographs are a way to preserve times in our lives we want to share with future generations.
  • Nature + earthiness, because I love photographing outdoors and in general am just enamored with creation and love all things natural, green, and blooming.
  • Most importantly, my faith. In all things I do, I want to point to Christ and His goodness + grace. This life of mine is such a blessing, and I never want to fail to give thanks and glory to the Lord for it.

I think the name Fane + Ro perfectly captures all of the things I wanted my brand to represent!

Chattanooga Wedding Photographer ; Huntsville Wedding Photographer
Chattanooga Wedding Photographer ; Huntsville Wedding Photographer
Chattanooga Wedding Photographer ; Huntsville Wedding Photographer



I genuinely love every type of photography I offer. Capturing memories in an artful way is just what I love doing! Fill out a contact form by following the link below. Tell me more about yourself & what memories you're interested in preserving!

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