Have you just booked your engagement session & are now left stressing over what to wear? Well stress no more, I've created a list of some helpful tips to help you get inspiration!

When you're a Fane + Ro wedding couple, I offer to help you with outfit advice based on the location we'll be taking your engagement photos. However, I thought a blog post with some general advice might be super helpful!

Today, I'll be using Abby + Drew's lovely engagement session as an example for what you might want to wear!

If you adore Abby's dress as much as I do, be sure to keep reading because I will link it below!

Downtown Chattanooga Engagement Photos
Downtown Chattanooga Engagement Photos
Downtown Chattanooga Engagement Photos
Downtown Chattanooga Engagement Photos
Downtown Chattanooga Engagement Photos
Downtown Chattanooga Engagement Photos


If you take nothing else away from this blog, I want you take this word to heart: MOVEMENT. When you're picking out your outfit for your engagement session, think about how it will look when you are moving! Does the fabric feel stiff? Does the cut of the dress or top feel too constricting? Can you move in this outfit?

When I photograph couples, I tend to use a lot of prompts to get those fun candid shots. Prompts like having your fiancé twirl you around, picking you up and spinning, or even something simple like playing with the end of the fabric on your dress.

You also want to take into consideration your comfort in the outfit. If you aren't comfortable.. that will translate in your photos. So regardless of how dolled up you decide to get for your engagement session, make sure you are comfortable and can move in the outfits you pick!

Dressy or Casual? Or Both!

The first thing I'd advise deciding is the vibe of your outfit & session. Do you want to get super fancy & dolled up? Go for more of a dressy Sunday best? Or just some casual jeans & nice top? There is no wrong answer, that is the fun part! Your outfits should speak to your personalities as a couple. I really love when couples pick at least two outfits - one dressier and one more casual! I've found choosing both adds good variety to your gallery!

Fabric Choice

Like I said earlier, your comfort is key! Just because I might recommend a certain fabric, that does not mean you should go out of your comfort zone to wear it. However, there are a few fabrics I think ALWAYS photograph beautifully:

  • Chiffon or Tulle
  • Linen
  • Satin or Silk

Something about how the light catches or reflects off these types of fabrics is just so dreamy!

Abby's dress had an overlay of organza material - which is a kind of tulle. You can see how the light shines through it & helps give a nice glowy feel to their photos.

Color Scheme & Tones

If you've picked out the perfect dress, but aren't sure what to pick for your fiancé, let's talk colors!

Ever take an art class in school or just for fun? One of the first things they'll teach you is the color wheel and complimentary colors. I love to use this for outfits! As an example, if you have a gorgeous dusty blue dress (like Abby's!) putting your guy in a complimentary color with something red or orange would look great. Here is where tones come into play though - unless it's just your thing, I wouldn't recommend a true, bright apple red shirt for your guy. Spring for more of a burgundy, burnt orange, or even a salmon pink. Or you can do what Abby + Drew did by choosing a darker or lighter version of the color to compliment your dress. Drew's dark blue pants help accentuate the light blue of Abby's dress beautifully!

Character & Details

Of course as a photographer, I love details.. I mean, my job is kind of to be detail oriented! But when you're shopping for that perfect engagement session outfit, you might want to consider tiny details too! With the dress Abby wore, I just adored the embossed details all over, but especially on the sleeves. Drew + Abby also did a great job choosing his shirt that had a small pattern with the same color as her dress on it. Another thing to consider would be if you chose a dress with a busy (in a good way!) floral pattern - you might want to put your fiancé in a solid top to avoid "competing" with each other.

Those kind of details in your outfits really make you and your fiancé look like you go together!

I don't consider myself an expert in fashion by any means...

but I do have enough experience as a photographer to know what looks great in photos! ;)

As an extra freebie, below I linked a few pieces you might consider for your engagement session!

Click the image above to find Abby's dress from Baltic Born!

Pretty much everything they make is gorgeous, but below you'll find more of their dresses I love & think would photograph well! Simply click each image for the link!